Openly on social media, a blog called Online Parrot took up its time to publish a story on one of Liberia humanitarian, Josephine Prestige Gayflor that she’s a carrier of of a sickness without facts and sources to their post. This news leads to the arrest of those that own the blog and have them detained for a day or two. One of the bloggers was released first when he gave his statement of not being the one that made the post.

Asking them to bring in evidence on what they posted as source to their screenshot before freeing the person that posted it which was Thomas Williams Fomba, till now there haven’t been any sources of the screenshots they posted.

Two days ago The Parrot made a post asking Miss Gayflor to forgive them that they understand the trouble they have caused and take full responsibility for it; this post draw the attentions for many which got them the highest reactions on their Facebook blog page to 214 reactions, 237 comments and 32 shares. One of the comments that seems more important to viewers and commenters where the one from a friend of Miss Gayflor, his name is Last Don. Wrote this.

With this said by Last Don, there was nothing to show, today Mr. Fomba wrote a post on his personal page pleading to Miss Gayflor for the act that was done by him through their blog, he wrote;

After all, this has been said, many Liberia still sees that this isn’t enough to have this lady name being clear of the minds of others by what this guy wrote, the are questions running up on social media like,

Will they take the thought from people head as to what they said about the lady? What penalty will be set or charges were set for such an act? What will she be seen as if even what she posted was a lie?

Will Last Don comment stand or have they already settle this with no sources to what they posted? Others are still planning on taking the parrot to the laws for defamation of character but have yet to come out before the laws.

There’s a smoke in the bush, this means fire is somewhere…