Liberia is getting dangerous by the day, should we say it is the living condition or laziness in high places are causing certain things to become a habit to the people. As you know, Facebook is now a hustle ground for most Africans and even those on other continent.

People uses Facebook to generate money for their children school fees, for lot of things, like hospital bills, helping orphanages, and lot more. In this light, it has become a better and also a worst place to take any appeal in assisting, you might not know who’s lying or who’s telling the truth.

Many occasion people have been faked by Facebook appeal as to what they asked for it wasn’t used for the intended purposes. Here’s one. A man by the name Arthur Peculiar known on Facebook as (Still Standing) fake another Liberia for what he think was not going to be checked upon, yesterday to Mr. Peculiar surprise not expected some of his well arranged foul play on people to be caught, he was caught and turned over to the nearest police.

Here are few post from Mr. Owen Johnson Tuazama who was the victim to this online fraudster commonly known in Africa as Yahoo Boy.