Couldn’t say much about the set up because from the red carpet to the audience we had much more of Lights, cameras, action moves and so much more that you can’t image even if you were there to see how things went, it was full of memories in the happenings.

Our ladies were so glamorous in their cultural wear that they had the whole place in that kind of jaw-dropping glances, our gentlemen sent out some trending hope to the cultural world of African attires, which couldn’t be described in any ordinary way but classic and savage.

The health protocol was astonishing, mask before entering to observe and prevent the COVID- 19. Making sure tickets were correct before going into the main fence of the ministerial complex, once in you have access to walk to where ever you want to. The ticket price was awesome and it helps in the regular of the sitting capacity, it were not overcrowding of the hall.

MLMA was deluxe with more than what they had last year, for the first time in a long time which haven’t been ever in the history of Liberia to have a stage set up as the one they used this year under them, ‘Music For The Culture.’ The stage was incredible and very delightful.

The stage was welcomed by two great hosts, Cypha and Mollyn, they took the entire program to another level, but before that, we had Alpha Bah, the first male to host the red carpet of MLMA in two years, he was well dressed and good with utterances at the red carpet he appears to have a catalog of everyone names that came because he knew just everyone and had them on their toes with smiles on the red carpet.

For the first time we had A cultural dancer and musician because this year was all about the theme of the show, Milton Kleche came through for which he made people think of Zag The Giba and Fatu Gayflor, coming through we had Bennie King BSK, his raggie performance was something distinctive and welcoming. With more energy to burn the flow artists like TeddyRide, JB and Shinning Man, BrownSkin, Kilas, JZyNo made that night a beautiful one, what was so strange beyond strange was the winner of the MTN Star Choice competition, Candace Cooper stage performance, and her unbothered representative, etc, lite up the night amplify on the importance of MLMA and its role in promoting all ppthings Liberia as it pertains to Liberia’s rich history of music and culture alike.

For objective the video director of the year went to Smoove record boss who’s known as Roland Barbiah, many fans went took to social media expressing their dissatisfaction about award being given to the video director of the year.

Fans of Liberia music felt there was someone more capable and deserve the win then someone who they haven’t seen or known much of his work. They felt the award was robbed from the right owner hands.

Overall MLMA this year was a night to remember and Liberian music was showcased. The LMA this 2021 amplified transparency, accountability, continued improvement, and improved craftsmanship. The planning committee did an awesome job to ensure that the event was elegant, classic, and flowed effortlessly.