Best friend cried out on how her friend celebrated her birthday. Benita Urey who’s a renowned young and innovative Liberian woman wrote a worrisome post as to how her new girlfriend, Photo Model Dearest Dolo celebrated her birthday. A millionaire daughter who happens to be a blogger, the founder of a non for profit organization and soon to be a radio station owner said her friend birthday was too expensive for her.

Dearest who said she’s the alpha and and omega, this which stands to be one of the quotation most people use from the Bible referring to the high standard of God who’s the beginning and the end of everything, lots of Dearest peers complained and gossips about what she said using such words. This is very scaring to see a millionaire daughter that has been into huge spending and living large complain on someone that just got noticed by the media.

If she spend like $500 for just a room and almost 1K how much do you think she spend for each face beats, clothes, and photoshoot?
Dearest Dolo seems to be living one of the most expensive life for a young lady that is unemployed by rumors.

If we had Royal wedding, it is believe we have seen extravagant birthday celebration.