People won’t stop surprising others when it comes to money and love.

This guy is a chef in Liberia and wants a classic girl, that’s not a big deal, he can make it if he’s able to, especially in a world where money moves pastors from their pulpit to make them lie just to get money.

A conversation was screenshot by the lady who this guy was toasting, as in trying to get her to be his girlfriend, but it seems like he wasn’t understanding what she was saying. In this life class matters and as the saying goes, know your level. This brother seems to have a missed call, now here’s what we have to show from what she posted:

Our brother Wamah is not playing with Zoey, he thinks she loves money and is putting money before the relationship he wants to have with her, he cried out that he’s not looking for a gold digger but a home material. Now are women in home depot where they can be gotten? Ladies are asking what did he mean by home material, since he’s a chef they suppose he’s talking utensils.