To host a reality show is not an easy task, first, you deal with the brand name to attract fans attention, second, you stand by your words and be prepared to get things ready at 80% before coming to the public, last of all, you need to have a set date as to not keep people in suspense, because this will give your brand a different meaning of what you are working on. HouseMates Liberia seems to be dying down in momentum as fans complain about the entire process.

Everyone has been waiting for another show to come and give a better light to help bring out hidden talents in Liberia, and transform the lives of many through another program that will be more of the people’s wish and expectations, but it’s like the momentum is disappearing slowly as fans and supporters have been complaining since October 21, 2021, when HouseMates Liberia made a post with the caption;

β€œAudition forms will be out soon πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£.”

It has been like three weeks since then, fans and well-wishers are complaining about the way things are going. Shows like this are to be fully prepared before coming to the public to disclose certain things which they are positively prepared to accept, now it is unavoidable that there are a lot of mixed feelings about the entire reality show as devotees drop observations under the last post made on HouseMates Liberia page.

Here are few:

We are all waiting for what comes next from HML.