Monrovia— Deputy Chief of Traffic Traffic and Safety of the Liberia National Police, Jaeson Flahn, was allegedly flogged in Paynesville by bodyguards of the Minister of State without Portfolio, Trokon Kpui. The Minister also threatened to dismiss the Officer for what he called gross insubordination.

The three gigantic body guards who beat the LNP Officer were believed to be acting under the instruction of the Minister of State Without Portfolio.

According to the Cable TV reporter on the scene, the removal of marketeers from the densely populated and famous Redlight Market to Omega has created a huge traffic in that corridor throughout the day, and at such, the Liberia National Police Chief of Traffic is always on ground to make sure on the smooth sail of the traffic.

In a Interview with Journalists in Monrovia late Monday evening, the LNP Deputy Traffic Chief Flahn narrated that in the midst of a huge traffic, a white jeep without license plate took the opposite lane and totally blocked the traffic.

The Officer chased the vehicle and ordered the jeep to get back in the queue. At this point Minister Kpui introduced himself and ordered the LNP Officer to allow him continue on the opposite lane. When the Officer refused on ground that the Minister vehicle was in total violation of the traffic laws the Minister then gave order to his personal bodyguards to beat on the LNP Officer.

When Cable TV contacted the Minister on his phone for clarity, he said he had no comment at that moment.

Source Cable TV