Back to back, our ladies are doing their best to put us out there with their hard work.
Master Queen awarded as Radio & TV Personality, Benita Urey awarded as Humanitarian & Media Influencer, Shalom Jawhary awarded as Humanitarian and Advocate and Mariama Tuzee Touree awarded as Influencer & Advocate. These awards were given to them by Africa Value Awards 2021 in Nigeria.

It is seen and proven that these ladies have made their way through to be awarded and recognized out of Liberia and beyond. Let us look through little past happenings of these ladies ‘ life base on the award they have received.

Knowing Master Queen for many years, even when social media was not around to showcase the life of celebrities and public figures, Master Queen name was among the top big radio personalities in the country from 2007 till now, she’s still the biggest female you see on radio and television when it comes to entertainment. She holds ambassadorship for big names. Master Queen is loved by many young people, she’s seen more like the goddess of the airways in Liberia entertainment among DJs and radio personalities.

It gets controversial and much more saddens to see that people pull her into the news and turn her around to be seen as she’s not most time but she doesn’t get things under her skin easily, Miss Benita Urey is not just determined to be a great person among her peers but she’s also deserving to achieve what she had gotten. Growing into the entertainment industry as a young lady with all the ups and downs, she has made a big name, no matter her age, she stood up to face the media and show others that she’s not just someone that wants the media attention but a loving lady that want to show her love and affection to everyone that bash words at her, by affecting lives positively no matter if you like or dislike her, she runs to the aid of many Liberians through her humanitarian organization, and as it is she’s also politically inspired to use politics in changing the lives of many in a positive way.

Nobody sees life as a test and a battlefield that is possible to win even if their last breath is to take a walk into victory bleeding. Miss Shalom Jawhary is one of the strongest women ever to be seen raising from a country where people see nothing more than hardship and unprepared women who seem not to make a better life out of their struggle and rise to a better place. Shalom story can’t be told completely then imagining the story of an Africa Child, one that has never experienced love and care but yet made it through to show love and care to others, to be loving and mind-blowing, to be a role model in a positive way to young women. Creating jobs for others that she never had the opportunity to get while growing up. Shalom winning her first award in Ghana show to many Liberians and Africans that Ghana is not a country that lookup for its own only, as many will say, Ghanaians are not welcoming to an outsider, but the work of a foreigner has made it clear that she deserves to be recognized and to let the world know that she is deserving of what she has.

Religion is a practice that the world has to emerge itself with, that we can’t do without, we uses religion to ease our mind with hopes and believes, with delightful thoughts and it gives us faith, this is where Mariama Tuzee Toure comes in to make you believe that religion doesn’t hold you back from being the real you, destiny put us all in the path of being great people but we need to embrace it. Winning this award is not a thing that should be strange to anyone that has come across the name, Tuzee Toure, this young woman has been the brain behind many young people staying in schools, getting attached to serious-minded issues in society. She has served as one of Liberia’s recognized humanitarian and human rights advocates. Seeing her winning an award give the light out to others that are in her circle to know that they are next in line for an award to be right at their doorstep.

Liberians should embrace these women and celebrate them for these ladies are truly role models for our young women that are finding it hard to see role models who are doing great things. Once again, congratulations to them and we keep following for more updates.