Sadden that many people nowadays just run for the rumors without looking for facts. Many young people of our time do not put time into researching how things came into being but they just conclude base on speculation.
Here’s a clear picture of who Benita W. Urey is. After several observations and inspiration from where she grew up, fighting the ill in the society she was born within, without any financial strength from her pocket as a little girl growing up with her parents where she was asked to just go to school and pursue to achieve a career, she decided to stay strong and work over the years to have her dreams becoming a reality by not depending on her family wealth and name.

Growing up in a home where you are the youngest but sees that everyone in your family has some high potential to be great in society, she never took that as fun, she stoops to conquer and she made her moves. Born in a place where there are a lot of ill people and a country that is recognized to be one of the poorest nations in the world, Benita decided to make a change, not just any kind, but one that will heal people of many sicknesses, where they can be healed through whatsoever necessary means, especially through funding from others who can help with the cause she and her team has established. She came up with the name Healing Liberia Foundation. It was exciting to see that many young women who are in their middle 20’s could think of, but yet the picture wasn’t clear to many till the organization started healing people, healing them from many sicknesses, not through miracles, but medical procedures.

As time went by, Healing Liberia Foundation has a total number of 8 persons that have been successfully supported by it’s organization to get treated and be healed. Healing Liberia is the first of its kind in Liberia and they were launched on April 29, 2021. This organization is specified in healing the sick and care for struggling youth up to the age of 25 years. With a milestone, they work on four people every month, since their establishment they have worked on 4 females and 4 males.

In two weeks they carried out 8 surgeries and these patients are from Bong, Bomi, Grand Bassa, Careysburg, and Montserrado County. These surgeries were carried out by Dr. Tabeh Freeman who flew down to Liberia to work along wit Dr. Tresor Mabanza. All these surgeries were sponsored by Healing Liberia and each of the surgery cost $1,000.000 United States Dollars. The age range of the surgeries carried out were young people between the ages of 2-25 years old.

Few days ago Miss Benita W. Urey was honored with a humanitarian and influencer award in recognition for her great work in Liberia, with such a record she stands to be seen as the second person to win such an award from a foreign country as Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in the same category.

At the awards program, there were governors, ministers, and great African personalities. At an early age, Miss Urey has already started to make her moves to be one of Liberia’s greatest women of all time. Seeing her among her peer she stand strong to advocate for the rights of everyone one.

Healing Liberia has been around for four months and has healed eight persons, this is a great step to show that their aim and objective are supported through the actions for which they are here, in total they spend $8,000.00 United States dollars to heal eight persons that went under successful surgeries; for which this organization was established on a budget of $22,882 United States Dollars. This is a deserving award to Healing Liberia and the CEO, Miss Benita W. Urey.