Speaker Chambers has Condems Anti-Peace statements by former Vice President and Senator Prince Johnson ahead of Liberia’s general election.

Statements made by Former vice president, Joseph Boakai and Nimba County senator, Prince Johnson have been seen as terroristic and Anti-peace statements say House speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers. 

In a press conference with the media in Pleebo Sodoken District on Monday, speaker Chambers said till there’s a reasonable interpretation by the authors, the statements are anti-democratic. According to the speaker, the Economic Community of West Africa has been contacted to ensure every mechanism is instituted to defer such action. 

As a nation, we have made significant strides in the pursuit of peace and reconciliation. Our democratic system relies on the fair and peaceful conduct of elections, where every citizen’s voice is heard. Irresponsible rhetoric and attempts to incite violence have no place in our society”. Chambers averred.

Speaker Chambers said it is so important that political leaders act more responsibly to promote a peaceful environment during electoral campaigns. He further said that the people of Liberia deserve the opportunity to choose their leaders without fear, intimidation, or violence. In a continuous statement, he said,  “Public figures, especially those who have held high office, have a moral duty to set an example and contribute to the peaceful coexistence of our diverse society”. 

Not being interrogated by the laws that govern Liberia, it will be unwise for former VP Boakai and Senator Johnson to depart Liberia. “These inflammatory remarks have the potential to undermine the democratic process and disrupt the peace and stability of our nation”. He said.

The Speaker condemned the assertions and assured Liberians of lasting peace under a continuity leadership of President George Weah.

Prioritizing the well-being of should be the main focus of all political leaders, especially those who have served in the seats of higher government areas and are still seeking to gain the trust of the people of a country and not just a country. “We urge him and others to refrain from making statements that can potentially lead to violence and to instead engage in constructive dialogue and debates as we approach the election.” the speaker asserts.

Calling on all political parties, civil society organizations, and citizens to promote peace and tolerance for one another political views. Asking that citizens must work together to ensure that the upcoming elections are conducted in an atmosphere of transparency and trust.

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