Education empowerment is a thing to believe in even if you see it not necessary for you but for your children’s futures, in other words, it is a driven factor to enable anyone to emerge into any society without finding many potholes to drift them of their focus point towards life success. Liberia as a country has been involve with lot of international studies whereas many of our scalars were opportune to get out of the country to further their academic success story in foreign lands, in acquiring knowledge in what the country (Liberia) can’t or couldn’t provide, through this means it has been made possible that the IT sector and many other sectors begin to see the need of brining in experts from foreign lands to work in Liberia, but over the time, everything change, Liberians decided to take the matter into their own hands there by making the impossible turn to possibilities,  by getting scholarships, loans and help from government entities, companies, NGO’s and International scholarships provided by other nations from their budget to promote education and eradicate illiteracy by promoting a means for people to have access to what they want to learn no matter their locality, which help them to embark on study journey in place like China, USA, Cyprus, Indonesia, Canada, Australia and many other developed countries that didn’t refuse to help in hosting citizens of Liberia, many of the country Liberians went to the scholarships were provided by them and many Liberians took advantage of that and we have seen changes this brought to the country by opening the minds many, even the ones that didn’t travel for further studies, they took a stand to prepare themselves back home to face the challenge of those who left Liberia when they return to meet up with academic standards in approaching matters.

People grow to give back and it is time to see more of what has been before and is still available for may Liberians to get out there in foreign lands to empower themselves through education so they can think on how to shift the progress of the country though exposure and learning of new course, majoring things that are not in Liberia and coming back home to develop more minds and bring in what is helpful for the next generations. With this being said; 

The Center for African Policy and Scholarly Path, along with the Liberia National Student Union, launched a two-day Study Abroad Capacity Building event at the Ministerial Complex. Distinguished speakers, including Chevening Alumni, University of Oxford students, and others, shared insights on the theme, “Powering Liberians for Professional and Academic Opportunities.” Attendees gained valuable skills and information, and the next session, focusing on scholarship applications and opportunities, Which is schedule today for 10 am. 

There are more to learn and be part of. 

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