Eazy P is a Liberian artist based in Australia.

His music explains his personal struggle and pain especially the 14+ years civil war that reduced his country Liberia to virtually nothing.

His art is not just limited to past atrocities but it highlights the many facets and experiences of life like, love, unity, peace, laughter etc…

His music will get you from the deep dungeons of emotions to dancing till you forget all your bills.

Eazy P has shared stage with lots of big names such as: Cassidy, Flavor, Bracket, Timaya, Alonzo, 2face, Emerson, B’cole and etc.

He since released 2 albums, 2 Eps, five singles and a video dvd which was a success, one of the track off his second album titled “Come Back Home” was requested by BBC to be played all over Africa b4 the news, which he was also interviewed for.

Eazy P has also won a few awards. He and his past crew has featured lots of big names such as: BET award winner StoneBowy, Bracket, Alonzo, Eric Geso, Munnah and etc.

He also went to came to Liberia in 2008 and 2012 with Nigga Blow and hosted a show which was a success lots of people showed up to support his work. He has also featured major Liberian artists such as: David Mell, BeneV, Nigga Blow, CIC, Shine P, Lortono and the late Quincy B. Not too long he released a song called “My Jersey”

These are just few things we know about Eazy P and his music career. If you are a fan of Eazy P, then you need to know all of these, because he’s planning on giving the best surprise to his fans soon.

Let us wait for the full package of Piece & Pieces from our media team as they are preparing a full interview for the artist.