The Corona Virus is a big issue around the world as it has taken big cities, countries, and homes.

Minister Kanvee Adams took to her Facebook page where she made two posts about the virus. She says the virus is a scam and it is all about money eating and nothing much.

Kula V. Fofana who’s an activist, farmer, and blogger, doesn’t see her post as a good one especially from a well known public figure that she look to as an oldest sister.

Here’s what Kula said:

She (Kula) don’t think it is necessary that someone like Kanvee need to be saying things like this, as someone who should know better shouldn’t say this, as an elder and a public figure that should rather say nothing than saying something that will make the people not to take prevention to the virus that is speeding.

Here’s what Kanvee Adams posted:

Due to this post, it might have drawn the attention of bigger guys in the government and they asked her to put her posts down, but Kanvee made another post about their request to her post.

Rumors are spreading that the virus is man-made and it is also something that the world wants to make look like a very big epidemic that came from nowhere, especially in animals, as it was said that Ebola came from monkeys, and the whole virus coming to the world is said to have come from one of China market places, from the blood of a monkey, the monkey is in trouble in these viruses hands.

What if Kanvee Adams page wasn’t hacked and she was the one doing all the posts? Even if she’s the one doing the posts, why will people have issues with what a woman or someone don’t believe in?

We wait on more news about the virus, but taking precautions is necessary.