In the 21st century, there are many opportunities for Liberians in Liberia and around the world that only people with the ability to think out of the box can bring into reality. Self-employment or empowerment is the order of the day in this time of overpopulation and fewer job opportunities all over the world.

Liberia as they called the first colonized nation, it has a history of many things, but one thing it is well known for is the way the people of this nation are resilient in all ways of life.

Looking into the imagination of Joma Barleah a young Liberian that has impacted many through his media work by grabbing eye-catching images in Liberia from the sky and other shots like middle shots, wide-angle shots, and closer shots to showcase the beauty of his country, Liberia. Joma has traveled to several countries and has his work being used on CNN Africa and the United Nations. I know you might be wondering how rich he has become if saying all this about him, but actually, he has worked in Like in 9 countries already, Liberia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, The Gambia, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, and Morocco, if not exact but at least these are some of the countries he worked in.

Among his work, there are videos of animals, people, places, and things. On most of his exciting journey, he has captured happy faces, concerned looks, and gesture postures of people. Joma’s work has made it easy for him to see it as a way of life and he finds pleasure in it. He’s not just doing it for the fun of it because he loves it, but for the open eyes, it is giving to others in the diaspora about Liberia. Focusing on the country’s infrastructure, its wildlife, the aquatic terrains and recording social activities to showcase how Liberia is not just a place of the dark as others in the diaspora seem to see it from afar due to political struggles and instability of the economic, but he gives other on the web a brighter and clearer view of his country, not just about Liberia, but about all the areas he has traveled to.

As a young man, you can see that he’s willing to give his all into working harder to make dreams come through his lenses, as it brings out his biggest imagination every time to the world to see what is in his head.

You can follow Joma on Instagram to see more of his work. Guess you will love being updated as he moves on his journey around the world with his imagination being shown through his drone and camera lenses.

You might be wondering how did he do all this and who he is, he’s a photographer and videographer, and he’s also the boss of his venture running called Joma Global and For The Culture. Determine a focused man that seeks nothing more or less than making his imagination be your visual excitement. From the Northern Western side of Liberia, a Nimba County man, by tribe, he’s Gio. Try him with GB and see.

He’s known on social media as Joma Global, that’s what you see as his signature in all his work so far, yes global and him being global, Liberia is global.

Follow him on his social media handles to discover more of what you wish to see from Liberia and other countries in Africa.

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