The Velazquez family who own a winery in Valencia Spain took their children to Liberia for the holidays and had such incredible experience they’ve vowed never to forget.

While in Liberia Velazquez family camped two nights on Mount Nimba, made a city tour with Kekes through monrovia going through waterside then ending with some charity tourism by donating games, clothing and rice to Mother Esther orphanage in Bardnesville. They then spent two days on the beach in Marshall and Visited a local village in Totota to learn about everyday village life.

Watching an old man fixing a bamboo basket
Kids from two different nation shaking hands
The Velazquez family sitting beneath the Nimba Mountain

The Velazquez family sharing tools and other things to the children in Liberia

They watched a woman filter counter rice in the wayder a native way to shake rice from the dirt among it

Source: Lib Positives