Liberia gives people the chills with the unexpected news when heard because those that know the country Liberia know they are hearing about the oldest African nation that gain independence in the 18 century, but no, Liberia never disappoints in giving unexpected news.

There have been travelers, tourists, and adventurers that have come to Liberia to discover the uniqueness of the first free slaves settlers’ land where they fought their way to find freedom and settle after being slaves for 100-plus years. People want to come and see the roads, and the building, and hear about the history orally, but it seems to give them dissatisfied after seeing less of what was said about the oldest nation in Africa, but some go deeper into the jungles to discover the species and way of life of things, people and how life is out there, later they do discover that the story told in the city are not as interesting as the ones they will discover by themselves when touring the country by counties.

Here’s the question. Who does that? Someone will want to ask, but someone did it, she has been touring the entire world on her motorcycle, a Honda CRF300L Rally that has tons of modifications for her journeys, and she called her bike Alaska, that because she first rode it the Northern tip of Alaska before coming down to Africa. Going pass through over 40 countries she has ridden 140.000 kilometers alone (Solo), she started in 2018 with her traveling and adventure journey after quitting her job, not just that, sold her belongings and since then she has been traveling from one country to another. What a life. You might want to know where she’s from, she’s a Dutch lady, and her name is Noraly, but she’s going with the name “Itchy Boots,” don’t ask me why, just think that her booths itch her from all her journey so she rather like being called that. This makes you take a deep breath, now let’s dive into Liberia.

She got into Liberia a week ago and how she did that, through Sierra Leone, after a few hours of staying in Liberia, the capital of Liberia, Monrovia, she decided to go and see Sapo Park. That’s a long ride. She rode on 204 kilometers of dirt road, what we called in Liberia dusty road to Sapo Park. It was an interesting journey for her, but also, it was risky because she saw real danger with slippery roads, water, mud, and being alone out there. It was a bit of a heart-aching when watching her through the mud, she actually when through and reached Sapo Park where she was faced with surprises as to running water and show, ate the Liberian dishes, slept well in an eco-tourist home, and felt welcomed by the people of the town (Sapo Park), was given three chalk mark on her face (forehead).

This documentary on Liberia isn’t bad, but it shows a lot more than just the roads that need fixing or being looked at. The country isn’t decentralized to have investors and the government looking into areas that need better roads. The Rural parts of Liberia need more attention than just electricity passing through. Take a look at the documentary she put up on her YouTube channel, the first phase is called Africa’s Worst Road 🇱🇷|S7E47|. This was posted four days after this article’s publication, and it has been viewed by 484K persons on YouTube and liked by 58K individuals.

After her night at Sapo Park, she knew things were going to go another way, and yes Liberia roads don’t disappoint anyone, she has it rough heading out on those bad roads in another Episode which she called Things Take A Turn For The Worst In Liberia 🇱🇷 |S7E48|.

This documentary video was posted three hours before this article was posted. Her last ride through Liberia is a struggling one, though she said she knew it was going to be this way from her expectation. She said she had a great night, went to bed by 7 PM, and work up by 6 AM, she slept for 11 hours, and she was really tired and that’s understandable. She said what she noticed in Liberia is that the place is clean, that the people take off the trashes and keep the villages clean more than in other countries she has been in or has passed through.

In the last episode of her Liberia journey, she went down to the gown and it was really, bad to see, but she’s a strong lady. One of our Liberian bike riders was there and helped her cross over on the slippery road. While he was riding the bike someone said “This one you doing da na small thing ooh.” and the bile rider said, “This one da na free oh da big US dollar.” This was funny but good to hear. You need to watch this video and follow her up and appreciate this lady for what she did, she opened the eyes of many Liberians as to how moving to our homes and villages will help open the country, even with the road condition, others who are not Liberians are making their way through. Her story is inspiring and you too can do the same.

Liberia’s urban roads are a mess and if nothing is done about that Liberia is to leave or remain undeveloped for the longest.

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