Free Speech has now been suspended under the State of Emergency declare by the president to fight against the deadly Corona Virus; Source: Solicitor General Syrenus Cephus

Mr Cephus addressing a press Conference today elaborated that the Constitution according to article 86 give the president the right to suspend certain rights of citizen during the declaration of a State of Emergency and it has come to the attention of the government that some media institutions are spreading lies and Malicious information that has the propensity of undermining government fight against the Corona Virus.

Mr Cephus said that enough was now enough and that beginning now, as we go through the State of Emergency, any media institution caught feeding the public with lies in relation to the Corona Virus will be Close down,equipment seized and license revoke

The Solicitor General also stated that any vehicle arrested by the police after 3pm and there is no justifiable reason as to why they are outside at that time will be impounded and not given back until after Corona Virus 🦠 leaves Liberia.

Credit: Aloysius Howe