It’s in the Gene that most kids look like their father and that for sure their fathers won’t stop loving these kind of children more and more.

We are going to look at few celebrities in our circle of entertainment that are bold enough to bring their children to the public and show them out with love. Some are married and some are single but still showing the love they can show out!

We have females who are as well taking the lead where their kids look just like them, looking at their day one face and their child/children faces you see no differences.

We have T Mark Korpu who’s a event planner, he has one son and his son look no different from him. The body Type, the smiles and complexion.

Let us look again, we have another great personality who’s a blogger and a writer, he’s married and has a handsome son that look no different from him, the looks, the smiles, the complexions and the body type, though he (the kid) wanted to confuse us with the resemblance of his mom, but no, his father shows out and boom, Bookman Chidegar Muapoe son is a direct copy of him, Bookman love to look decent so he also do for his son.

The game is good to be in but the battle and beef is something we all have to take serious as it relates to rapping. One of Liberia Awards winner from the genres of HipHop rapper, C Note got a lot to explain to the public, like why he looks like his father and his brother looks like him and the both of them looks no different from their dad.

C Note Canus Manyeah is not showing his kid that looks like him but he’s showing us how he looks like his father and that for sure it is in their family, from father to cousin and brother. Again C Note and his daughter need no one to tell us that this little girl got it all like her daddy.

C Note and Daughter

There’s always a missing rip somewhere, sometimes it is not about marriage or a father bond, mothers can also take the lead most time with their daughters and even the resemblance reaching to their sons too. Karishma Pelham known as Her Royal Highness got almost all of her three kids looking like her but one there is a total big replacement of her look, her daughter Royalty is her direct copy.

Suzan Gbangaye is another woman that has her daughter looking no different from her, this little girl looks like her mother in smiles, eyes, complexion, her body is growing like her mom’s as well.

Suzan is a Liberian online personality and a blogger at G’s Lib.

The game continues as we still see the past coming back. Quincy Burrowes left two girls pregnant before he died. These two ladies give birth to a set of human, a boy and a girl. These kids look like their father and there’s no doubt that. Here are the two kids that rocked the internet after the death of their father. They are all alike.

Let us wait for more details as we gather information on other celebrities.

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