Nobody wants to be anyone boy boy. That means nobody wants to be looked at as stupid and under the watch light of someone lies or let say, nobody will love to be called names and won’t reply.

After bloggers where refereed to as BLOGGASSESS by CIC, he later came in and justify the saying, it was referring to some bloggers that were misleading their fans with their grammatical errors and run-on sentences, CIC had the entire internet on fire for weeks as bloggers responded to him with anger, for which Gary came at him with a big post expressing himself.

Yesterday he (CIC) was verified on Facebook with the blue mark attacked to his Facebook page as a verified artist, he burst the internet like a breaking bowl, making a public post, blogs carry the news and it became the news of the day, but Gary The Blogger refused to take such news and make it a headline for the day, instead of made a comment that got CIC coming at him and calling him names “Invalid Skin Tone“, this never worked well, Gary as well made a post and called CICSilly Artist.”

This is like some kind of new beef again between Gary and CIC.

The battle is on as you can see a verified artist and an unverified blogger coming at each other. For some reasons, Gary don’t post anything about CIC, there are some personal issues here with these guys.

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