Da you and all want come put your mouth on me?” After this successful hit song, Eric Geso decided to bounce back with another danceable song. First, he sang for Alexander Cummings doing the presidential election, he was doing it political that time but now he’s doing it for the recommendations to meet the president. Eric last political song never did well for him, it seems to hold him back from more of his fans, is it like he made the wrong decision back then?

World Best is a song pointing to the current president of Liberia, George Weah. This music show all the skills, trophy and much more the president is made of as a world best.

Watching this video you see true love, as Eric dance with his twins’ kids in the video and even them wearing the biggest number of all time, number 14, that’s the president number.

Watch the video below and don’t forget to click the link below the video to watch more of the entire song.