It’s an alarming question that is bursting out of the head of thousands of followers. The Liberian Influence is one of Liberia youngest blog/website to be launch by two beautiful ladies, Michelle Doe, and Benita Urey. This platform points out positive news and trending entertainment gists on all stars in and out of Liberia respectively and to be clear of the record they only write and promote Liberians.

Rumors have been spreading that, the Influencers, Michelle and Benita are not cool like before because of Michelle present relationship, for which Benita is not happy for, as the rumors circulate these two with more controversial stories coming from all sides of their separates lives. The Liberia Influence that everyone sees or thinks is for Benita but Michelle was just incorporated into is likely turning into another nightmare as there was a blast out on social media when Benita and Sheikh Mohammad of Diamond Online got in a bitter online battle that seems to unlock some hidden things, before eyes could take a snap, comments were deleted from Benita’s sides.

It is said that The Liberia Influence was brought about by Michelle Doe who’s known as Michelle Michelle, she brought this idea to Benita, Benita bought the idea and they both decided to make this dream of Michelle become a reality. On the other hand, Michelle been acting reluctant recently about the whole thing when she noticed that Benita has covered herself with demanding suggestions on the platform and abstaining Michelle out of the picture of everything that concern The Liberia Influence.

Michelle sits and watches her dream to be run by her former best friend who’s thinking she can own her idea. Do this look like a battle? Yes, it is. Benita happens to know that this battle can’t be won alone she switches sides with Chichipoly room because she got info that, Michelle is teaming up with Diamond Online, and it’s like she has a pain in her heart still for Christoph, so she got no-good purpose to see progress for anything surrounding him, now she pledged her allegiance to Chichipoly room.

This raises concern. People are asking if Michelle is still with The Liberian Influencer. Yes, she is and she’s seated afar and governing it as it has been before. The gossip points out that she owns it, and it’s her idea. We wait for more interesting news to hit on this topic, as to who truly owns this platform by publicly saying it out.