I am reliving J Cole’s disappointment, the only difference is I am doing that in a country with a population that struggles to to even make it to the 62 million streaming numbers made on the day of ‘The Off Season’ release, which broke Spotify’s one-day streaming record for 2021. We are in 2024 and there’s no rapper or even musician that’s even close to that, even when you add up all their streams on all platforms for the past three years in Liberia. Anyways, as I was saying about J Cole’s disappointment before I got distracted by the demeaning disadvantage our population has on music streams in Liberia. I remember one time when J Cole was brutally blunt about how rappers he looked up to while growing up, left him heartbroken as an adult when he realized that most of the things they bragged about weren’t realities they lived and that made him devastated to know that he could have passed for a better role model to himself if only he spent more time looking up to himself than people that lied in their songs to appear like gods. Most of these OG’s were deadbeat dad’s , drug addicts, broke beyond revival, but wore blings, big baggies , drove rented cars to give a tough guy impression.

Christoph The Change

How many young lads feel like this right-now anytime Christoph comes to mind? Christoph was the Liberian dream, no kid would say he didn’t want to be like Logan town Finest until the Liberian dream became a very horrible nightmare just like the OG’s the smooth and undeniably one of the greatest rappers alive J Cole talked about. Should we talk about Christoph drug addiction that made him close to a lunatic in this country? Deep secrets splashing all around concerning his misbehavior until when everyone gave up on him , even his family tried but they became exhausted by the monotony of his unpredictability , until one beautiful soul, now his wife Kandii Zarr Nyenga came to his rescue when no one could. She saved Christoph from being a deadbeat dad, a drug addict, she revived him from the rat race of poverty and every nemesis he had to deal with. But with all that’s being said lately, he dumped her for another woman. Has Christoph lost it again or this could be the most creative publicity stunt in the history of Liberian entertainment?

Let’s just assume that this is a publicity stunt. Does his publicist not know that this kind of PR isn’t a door opener but paints him as an irresponsible leftover Liberian man? Couldn’t his publicist understand that Christoph’s marriage to kandii was a graduation for the rapper and all he should have done was to surround the multi award winning rapper brand around his family, also making his fans feel like an extended family with strong connection to the exemplary growth in his life. Isn’t that what Kendrick Lamar did with his last album art and ideology of that breathless body of work? Or is this all Christoph’s idea to be portrayed as a player and cheating husband because he isn’t ready for the weight that being a responsible man attracts in marriage? Thereby, using the flirtatious life of a superstar as an excuse. Kendrick and J Cole has never disregarded their wives all in the name of entertainment as they both married their childhood sweethearts and from inception built a steady romantic tale around these women and family without any disrespect to them at any junction of their musical journey.

We are tired of the Christoph that got stuck and couldn’t grow no more after a beautiful rise with Benita Urey and so many other women. That’s the same storyline we are getting from this romance he has with this new woman Genevieve. Looking at the pictures with Genevieve , there’s no real emotional bond, everything appears staged and both of them seem to be trying so hard to create an impression of lovers that are madly into each other. Christoph needs to live his truth, it would also help his music gain dominance once more and make it go far beyond the shores of Liberia with the wind of Afro beat, since African music, whether rap or singing falls under this genre that has globally opened the eyes of the world to our music as Africans.

Christoph should grow up, he should give us music about fatherhood, addiction and how he found redemption, he shouldn’t be afraid of sharing his life experiences from the pinnacle of being a man that has practically seen it all. And if it’s true that Christoph has abandoned his wife for Genevieve, he is truly a wack MC and that’s because rap has gone beyond dope rhymes and catchy lyrics, but behavioral patterns that can elevate and heal the world. Christoph shouldn’t be ungrateful, he needs to love his wife just as she loved and was there for him when no one could. In life, we don’t hurt those that wouldn’t dare hurt us! Even when they have the chance to. Christoph needs to be like J Cole or Kendrick Lamar Right now! We need him to be a grown MC.