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The situation of Wondaboi

One of Liberia first to hit the scene of blogging with Wonda Promotion Link, kept pushing the game and never stop believing in Liberian entertainment from day one of his profession to be a blogger and promoter of songs sang by local and international artists. AB Lincoln whose known as Wondaboi don’t backward down to speak his mind, he been on several cases with people thinking he’s a hater; he speaks up with proud for what is right. Sitting on an advertisement play last with a beer company from China caller Lao Te Beer, he good at advertising on any products.

Child Play

Wondaboi had a leak screenshot before with Rickslyne Myers about him trying to get her to be his girl friend and he never back down to the misbehavior of her action, but he kept the courage and friendship with her. Working as one of the first promoters of Christoph the Change, he follows Christoph where ever he(Christoph) went just to get updates on him in helping blog and to promote Christoph to be more than what he (Wondaboi) sees in him.

His Fall Out With Christoph The Change

The last trip of Christoph and his crew was a success(In Buchana city), but that was when things got messed up between Wondaboi and Christoph. There was an image posted on social media with Christoph in a dress (During the beef between Chris and Bucky on the gay saga)and Christoph felt it was Wonderboy, so christoph never investigated well but slapped him(Wondaiboi). Did AB react to the slap? Nope, he was pushed out of Christoph house when he said it wasn’t him who did it. That was barbaric of the Change to raise his hands on a friend and a blogger. That was how their friendship ended, bit who knows what next pending. Through all this drama of life, he was still doing his thing as a blogger through is the newest platform calledd ”VIBES.

His New Team

Wonderboy never gives up on his profession and he’s one of the cooperative guys to work within the entertainment industry for growth. He decided to push his way to the music side as his link with ”Money and Salvation” where you find Kosh, Homeboy Jethro, Yung Classic and few others, he told social media fans he’s now on the music side, he loves his team and he’s putting blogging aside because it gives him nothing.

Love Line

Finding himself to fall in love after breakups with son mom, he took time and decided to turn away all old ways and put time to his relationship to be the man his lady wants him to be. Wonderboy has turned his social media page to a place of Romeo and Juliet, kisses and hugging all day are his way of life, and it’s like he’s even thinking about engagement from the look of things.


He’s a freak to hairstyle and colors. He’s just a man who believes in himself and what makes him happy that’s what he does. Wonder boy is a freak to hair beauty and appearance, if you never knew about him now you know him, and he’s also on a song too. Multi-talented.


He’s always giving his precious time to friends and doing what he can to push everyone to their dreams through what he does best by promoting anyone who he’s in their circle as friends or associates. He was a cool friend of the late Quincy B, team up with other artists and help in branding them to be where most of them are today. Wondaboi makes everyone to actually wonder who he actually is.

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4 Male Artists Wrongly Branded.


Bucky Raw Management is failing him. The population is fooling him. His style is unique, he’s smart and got better way to express things than his management. He’s too sensitive to issues surrounding his music life that is leading him in the wrong directions by writing and responding to even comedians. Bucky is one of Liberia greatest but he need to be smart as to when to reply and who to reply to. @buckyrawofficial he have a great support from his fans, that’s great but they should not kill his talents and his art work because he have more international artists to meet. Bucky branding is bad that is leading him into a worst situation if he don’t work out things quick.

DenG is Liberia own son, this boy is so gifted that he doesn’t have much time to argue about success in his career but forgetting to know he’s likely to fall to zero if he don’t get on his knees and beg for the allegations on him. DenG is in rumors to be a guy who’s honest and love to be in the good spot but that’s just a rumor spreading actually is he like that?

DenG lost a management team that took him higher then he ever went but how did it ended, ”Grateful” was a song that was to be kept on the low but he went with the lyric that is playing its part on him now. DenG fans complain on him on repeating lyrics, he’s never accepting his faults and he’s never working on how people warned him on how to better himself. As a humble beginning he started with little, turn his back on them to be proud and selfish and only to team up with people who never had him at heart before. @dengofficial you need to work on your branding or else you will fall like other artists in Liberia who are zero heroes

Christoph is young man with one of the best look of an artist. He’s creative and brilliant to the fullest, he doesn’t respond to things that have no vibes and he’s slow in responding to the things that matters. Christoph rap game was on the edge of making him Liberia rap star to he fall back on the line to beef songs, still he’s great but he’s dropping his vibes because of he careless and doesn’t know who to get on track with, he’s living a dream life thinking he’s the mighty of all stars when it comes to the expensive life. Christoph is not branding himself in the right way, he manage his affairs and he advice himself. @christoph_the_change_ still got the chance he need to be great but if he do not work sooner and better he will be a real bonnie dust.

JB Soul Fresh has always been one of Liberia favorite but due to the lack of good management and ego he and his teammate is like no more counting one million fans. JB is a good rapper, a messenger that came from the falling of Hipco and brought it back to the surface. The soul fresh team had the show always and their names, were number one at any show that everyone wanted them at every show to get great gates intakes but things change when they starter walking alone. It’s not bad that they walked alone but they never branded themselves from the start. Had a trip to China and back that was just the stop of their career on an international trip. Since than JB and his team mate been doing great music but it have not hit like before and people don’t really listen to their music and the messages.

Now JB and Shinning man is just moving alone like they are no longer team because there seems to be a lot of differences between them. These great stars need to come back and start over or else they will fall like their other great brothers who never benefited anything from their arts.