With the possibility of building the economy of Liberia, helping to give out more employment to youths within the country, this is just another great means.

Palm oil in bottles and Gallons (Red Oil)

Liberia could soon start exporting food, animals feeds, cosmetics, fertilizer and other byproducts, all these are good to be directly made from oil palm. This will help with a lot of employment and boost the economy of our country, with products from Rubber, Oil Palm, Cocoa, Coffee, Rice, Vegetables, etc., will be produced in Liberia and exported to global markets.

Liberians are going to have great means to have food right at their doorsteps and if we support and buy our own we will have the rate of poverty going down to the lowest amongst our people.
It’s time we support Liberians investment, this will be a great way to empower our people and it will expand the investment nation wide.