Hours ago, Daniel George commonly known as DenG wrote an open note to all the fans and other Liberians who he thinks this message can reach to.
Here are his written words.

Our industry and artists have been through a lot.
Some of us came from not having anything to being able to afford the basic human necessities through our MUSIC.

We expect our Country and fans to appreciate our persistence, patience and endurance throughout these years of being unpaid and humiliated, but still we strived to produce great songs to entertain and bring smile on the faces of our people.

It cost a lot to produce good music, maintain and brand yourself as an artist. Most of the African artists we invite to Liberia to perform ( publicly and privately) and pay huge sum of money, are doing well musically today because it wasn’t just individuals who pumped monies into their music industry but also the government.

Whilst it’s true Liberia is faced with economic crisis like most African Countries, it still shouldn’t stop an artist from getting paid what he/she deserves whether if it is by government or private entity.

Music promotes peace, unite people and help to boost the Country’s economy.
We should be thankful that we finally have a leader who appreciates every sector of our Country’s economy.

Liberian musicians ( both past and present) have suffered for too long and i think it’s best we applaud our President for adding value to our music industry and setting the bar high for promoters, hence making them to understand that Liberian artists also deserve to be well paid similarly as foreign artists.
We also have families to feed, children to send to school and other major needs.

It is counterproductive to criticize everything, even the well intended ones.
I stand with D12
God bless Mama LIBERIA