The newly constructed and first-ever bridge over the Moa River in SierraLeone is NOW officially open for traffic: The bridge serves as a major link between Southern Sierra Leone and the Liberia border. Previously, the only means of crossing the river was the old hand-pulled ferry or fragile canoes which posed a high risk to human lives and property.

With a distance of 162m long, the Moa Bridge has an estimated lifespan of 100 years. It’s a two-lane bridge with solar-lights installed to ensure the safety and security of drivers and commuters at all times.

Moa Bridge is part of the ‘Bandajuma-Liberia Border Road and Bridges’ project. This is the largest European union – funded project in Sierra Leone at a cost of €105 million. When completed, the project will improve Sierra Leone’s core road network and open the main gateway to Liberia, restoring a vital link between ManoRiverUnion countries and beyond.