Concern alert for some Liberians. Some of them are so concerned about the ORDINARY placed on the Liberian Passport and not on other West African Countries Passport.

First, the definition of the word ordinary has attributes like common quality, rank, or ability as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To clear the doubts on why there’s an Ordinary Liberian passport which is issued to citizens who are not in government positions or on some other business to get a diplomatic or business passport here’s the reason.

Liberia Type P Passport (Ordinary Passport)

The Ordinary passport is issued to ordinary citizens for ordinary travel, travels that involve studies, business trips, and this passport is a “Type P Passport,” which stands for Personal Passport. That’s why the numbering of an ordinary passport or Type P goes with the numbering style of PP0XXXXXX which carry Two letters and seven digits (numbers) making it your official passport number.

We might not have opened other nationality in West Africa Passport to see if there isn’t a distinction of what type of Passport is served, but we are sure the word ORDINARY is placed on the Type P Passport for easy understanding between borders and making immigration officers in another country to understand where this passport access can be use or who holds it. An ordinary passport or Type P Passport is for every citizen, but mainly for those that are not in a government position, yes yo are an ordinary citizen by law, no offense.