This other news is heavy to give out. Imagine a man working the with Alexander Cummings, where he’s serving as Chief of Staff is saying in his book that the First Lady was married to president because the president saw it necessary to keep her only because what she has Liberian woman don’t have it.

In his book he said this on one of the passage in their book; George Weah: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise to Power on chapter 13.

She played a kind of hard to get modesty with him as he pursued her. This attitude made George Weah want Clar the more. In confidence, he told close friends that other than her amazing characters, one of the main reasons he chose to marry Vlar over an Liberian woman or any other woman for that matter was because she has a tight vaginally, versatile in the bedroom, and actively aggressive in bed during sex. He further explained that she does not remain laying on her beck throughout their love making session like most of the women he had been with do. Rather, she takes charge of him during sex like a real Jamaican woman… By Emmanuel Clarke & Isaac Tukpah, Jr.

Vah Isaac Tukpah co-authored a book with Emmanuel Clarke they had such an amazing piece that they quoted what was said about the First Lady by her husband who happens to be the president of the republic of Liberia.

Imagine why the president decided to take a Jamaican woman rather than a Liberian woman or any other woman.

This news big pass the executive mansion.

Looking at the co-author of this book, it seems there’s some political game being played. Without their names being held back, this seems to be a matter of mockery out of Liberian women by which it will give the president a bad reputation before them.

Have your own say yah… da it we see and just thinking out loud right now, as to how the president will just openly discuss such a thing mehn.

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