It has been like a story through a broken glass, it fall unto the face of everyone. It started on Facebook and now it is all over on Facebook when it can’t hold anymore. The both of them seems to be taking too much for each other only because they wanted to prove something to their exes, or to the people that said the marriage wasn’t going to hold.

Michelle who’s always into one social media issues with other ladies has been drawn down to making a post about her uncomfortable relationship which she been in for a while. A young and promising lady that want to push her dreams and desire got herself into the web of marriage with a wealthy man who’s not just looking for a partner to be with in photos but someone who’s gonna be as serious as he is in many things, but it seems they two have their own lives to life apart from being husband and wife.

Sheikh wrote benefit her post address how he didn’t go to America to be her slave. This sounded so touching to see a man with so much big name and respect amongst his peers and younger people that sees him as their mentor.

The whole relationship might have been on pretense all along, seems like Sheikh was the one holding this down all along.