(GL) – Two months back when the state of emergency was pronounced by the president, George Menneh Weah, that schools, churches, Mosques, and public areas are to be close and only leaving market places open for means of people to get food to eat while in locked down for the prevention of COVID-19. This was a hard thing to accept by other churches in Liberia, few business places could not accept this as well, individuals who had few important things to do at that time were not pleased with the act of being home for a certain number of days, the first week of the lockdown was a total battle between citizens and the joint security forces that have been implementing the laws under the state of emergency and helping the people of Liberia to hold fast to the locked down.

Pastors were taken from their churches, put into jail with few of their congregations that were abiding by the laws put into place to help prevent the spread of the pernicious disease called CORONAVIRUS.

A week ago the president announced that there will be the opening of churches and mosques by May 17, 2020, with 25% of the congregations allow to enter the church for service. This news was a great one for religious practice citizens in Liberia, both Islamic and Christianity worshipers, but to get things under a better control and go by the healthy ministry protocol, top three churches that has breaches in Liberia decided to not abide by the reopening of holy places on May 17, 2020, The Catholic Churches, The Episcopal Churches, and Bethel Church says they are following the health ministry protocol to stay home, stay safe and keep the social distances.

In other news, Liberians are not too interested in getting out of their homes till the health ministry comes out with a clear message as an address to the nation that outside is safe and certain measures can be put into place while outside and they go on their daily activities. As few churches prepare for the new rules of getting 25% of their church members in their holy places of worship there has been talking or whispering that all churches should get the list of their members to the government, that which will enable security and another health team to be at every service in helping to call the names of those that should make up the 25% of members that should worship every Sunday.

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