Doing this time of the pandemic everyone is praying for a lot of things to happen in their life, some people want to get more money, some need a new home because rent is killing them, others are praying to get back to school and achieve while some are busy writing figurative/ Metaphorical statement like AK47. Too many things are going on in the time of COVID-19, but few are just observing the ways of life as pastors are using their Facebook pages to win souls to Christ.

Today the break of dawn came and it sets in to have Facebook flowing with a news of Liberia Dancehall Queen CanC saying she’s no longer going to be in the things of the world, she said she rather go to heaven than burning in hellfire(She might have been burn with a hot cook pot these few days so she knows the pain of lesser fire then God fire). Dropping this message, the entire internet took to it, but with doubt flowing in the minds of some fans and followers. CanC has always been noticed for making stunts after stunts for being beaten by her husband, it came up to be true that she was beaten on several occasion by her man, for which is a domestic violence act, but she was on a live show with Grace Hawa Weah (Master Queen) once and she said she loves her husband so much and can’t report such, it’s her family and everyone has issues with their affairs likewise her so she will solve it herself. If this is a real change then CanC need to make a swift move to edit her pages on social media and do some deleting of the past as it might bounce back every time people sees it and sometimes receiving a new life should be left with you alone and how you take issues out to the public, especially as an icon and a public figure.

In few hours later came another post by one of Liberia model, fashion designer and a humanitarian, Shalom Jawhari came on Facebook making a post about God taking her life and helping her make a change in all she has to do for him. This post go her one attention and she never just wrote it, but she was the first to like what she wrote. Shalom went on her Instagram page and deleted all the nudity images that were uploaded weeks and moths ago, leaving some professional images there to show the world her change is here, she changed her name as well.

Shalom isn’t a new name to the industry. She has been involve in so many pageantry and walkway as a fashion model and lately she was recognized as a humanitarian that give up aid to those in need. Her past life is glossing one, she has been through the level of life that doesn’t seems to make her break easily and a true hustler that always fighting to make it though life. Her post is not a surprise because she have in numerous occasions made similar post about her conviction to Christianity but after a while her appearance shows something else, but she have never gone far to change her Instagram page name this quick. Does that mean she have made up her mind to be a true follower of Christ?

The benefit of the world is easy and fast but following a religious that has lot of rules that deals with your conscious is a big deal to survive on. Many people change in a day but later sit and say it was just a Facebook page post or some social media post to give my audience or fan something to make them think twice. Making fans think about your next moves is perfect, but using the name of God is not a joke.

The Bible says it all: Exodus 20:7 reads: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.