If this news is just reaching you and you are finding it hard to understand why everyone is making funny captions about the sanctions that were imposed by the United States and announced by its representative in Liberia, this is the entire list.

Since Our government can’t give corrupt leaders or government officials punishment for their crimes, the USA will stand to see to it that this happens easily.

The biggest question here is, why is this happening now? Funny but it’s just a few weeks to the election and close friends and buddies to the president are liable in such a way as corrupt members of his government, some are saying the president didn’t have the face to handle these guys so he it was done by another person or a nation that has the superpower to help him in which decisions making. If that’s what we are sensing then this is a good game play, since he can’t take them from their positions easily, with this record on them, the Liberian people won’t have faith in them to trust them with any position as to lead them further, now what will the president do about this? All eyes are on him. The biggest fun of the city. Read below:

Could this be like the president is playing some big political games with his buddies? Lol, this is interesting.

The statement that brought all of them to the board of no retreat no surrender, Nathaniel McGill made it clear to the Liberian people that it is ok for government officials to steal the Liberian people money, so long they are spending the money in Liberia, building for their families, while the poor people look and say, “wow, the country is beautiful”. Only the government officials should benefit, so long there are buildings going up.

This is here the Wahala came from… we continue as we wait for more names

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