President Weah places both Henry P. Costa and Benoni Urey on monthly salaries aimed at ensuring that Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) don’t remain in a Merger

Top-notch information rooming the political corridor indicates that the President has instructed the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to give Mr. Urey USD 20k and Costa 10k monthly so that the both of them would continue targeting and denigrating the cash-cow Cummings, thereby creating confusion and destroying any possibility of a CPP united front against the CDC.

It can be recalled, that immediately after Urey and Costa succeeded in convincing Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai to join them in leaving the CPP and found his collaboration comprising of lesser strength political parties; three days after, Costa announced via his official Facebook page that the President reach out to him and both iron out their differences.

The concern for any rational thinker is: Why would the President call Costa Privately three days after JNB had left the CPP and what could be those “resolved differences” because he (Costa) is a major opposition figure with complete disparity to the CDC’s governance?

And to further fuel and strengthen the purported alliances, President Weah didn’t just allow his fierce critic access to broadcast on a frequency in Liberia, he also bought the TalkShow Host a new Range Rover vehicle

With the unearthing of this political chicanery from the opposition’s biggest voice, observers are now very skeptical of VP Boakai’s chances of putting out a formidable challenge nor to talk about defeating Pres. Weah in the 2023 presidential elections.

Source: Shine Liberia