With no exception to the way he sees things, he has drawn the line between his people’s actions toward interest and policy. In this clip that was recorded in the House of Senate. Cape Mount’s outgoing Senator, Senator Varney Sherman speaks on how the constituents that put them in power to rule and to support their agenda have not come back to question those they put in power to question their work. He further propounded that people should consider more than just voting for people based on sentiment, tribals, and fakery motives, thereby voting them into power and not questioning their work or showcasing the work they have done so far for the people whom they serve.

Make mention of all the towns he has traveled to in Cape Mount which is 240 towns, and nobody asked him what he was doing in the towns in which he served as a senator for the entire county, in the sense, that nobody cared to question their leader developmental stands amongst his people, nobody want to know what he has done, or doing, except when he was running he told them what we will do. But did he do what he promised to do before people should ask what have you done or what are you doing? He said nobody cares to know or ask after you are elected by the people. If the constituents don’t care about what is done in the Senate by their voted senators, what is the essence of the senators or other government officials actually serving people who have no remorse questioning their work or pointing down what they have done?

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From a prospective point of view, Liberians seem afraid to question their leaders while they are seated, they fear for their lives because most time people see those they voted for as evil when they get the positions theyโ€™ve begged the people for, asking a man you put in authority sometimes result to many dangerous issues, so for some reasons the people hardly ask, or even make reference to things a serving leader does, the constituent only act upon those things base on voting them. This isn’t bad, but it is wrong, Liberians’ action toward improvement and development from their mindset is only about making promises felt within the time they give you, if you can’t do it, they rather not question you or give you more time, but you must be removed for another to try. A mentality they even carried in relationships and parenting. How did we come to this kind of decision-making as a nation?

In conclusion, Senator Sherman makes reference to a few things people should look at when giving out on a leader whoโ€™s already serving and when bringing in a new leadership, he mentions these few things he said Liberians are well noted for politics of identity, the part where people use tribal affiliation to remove someone whose service is for not because of tribes or ethnicity. โ€œIf voters can identify himself with you, he doesnโ€™t want to know anything else.โ€ – Sen Sherman. He asked a question that made mention of a few things, he said. โ€œWhen is it that people are going to listen to policy, capacity, ability? Never, maybe you will publish on my gravestone, that once upon a time there was a senator who did his best but the people didnโ€™t care.โ€ – Sen Sherman.

Sad that people only look more into the interests of tribal and other self-interests than that of many.

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