On Thursday, October 19, 2023, newly elected Senator of Lofa County Momo Tarnuekollie Cyrus embarked on a county tour throughout the county, ensuring his people that he will do what he can to make the county get what is necessary for its growth.

According to the senator, the people of Lofa County are ensure that Lofa will benefit from his lobbying skills, which will bring in the development of road connectivity, more health faculties, help empower women, and capacity development for all within his first three years in office as their Senator.

The just-ended legislative election was won by Hon Cyrus by defeating Moses Y. Mollie who was of the ruling party, while Hon Cyrus went as an independent candidate defeating his opponent in a competitive election.

In his journey to appreciate the people of Lofa, he used that occasion to remind them that he would not be a senator to lavish cash on them as a means of appreciating their effort in putting him in the position he was elected into, but he will teach them how to make their own money, a means to fish for themselves by doing the necessary things his people put him there to do. With this assurance, he promised to give the people of Lofa County the new Lofa they wished for.

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