By:  Redeemer J. Wonsiah

(GL) – Fellow comrades and followers of this platform, one of the astute philosophers of our real-world analysis in the person of Immanuel Kant argues that lies are morally wrong and corrupt the most important quality of any human being, and impede their ability to make free and rational choices. He fatherly asserted that lying robs others the freedom to choose rationally, while all persons are born with an intrinsic worth called human dignity. Linking to this, I am sometimes bewildered to see a meanderer of research and pseudo expert of academia, who sits on the internet and google search without clicking on the proper directories to be used as his reference points.

Martin K.N Kollie, a certified public mythomaniac wrote on his Facebook timeline and other Facebook groups about Dr. Bhofal Chambers Education, and out of ignorance proclaimed that there is no Degree in Law Enforcement being offered at the Columbus University that which Immanuel Kant commented on to be an intentionally untruthful declaration. I do not know if this chap did his research on Columbus State University’s official website or he just chose to join the bandwagon of deceptions made of recycling politicians. Augustine defines lie explicitly as having the intent to deceive the intelligence of the ordinary people, and Immanuel Kant additionally develops Augustinian lines that lying is always impermissible.

Analyzing his claptrap coupled with dishonesty, he argued that Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers shares a homologous feature with former house speaker Nyedueh Morkonmana of Grand Kru County. To clear the first presumption made by Martin Kollie, former Speaker Nyedueh Morkonmana of Grand Kru was never impeached. He served as speaker of the House of Representatives during the regime of former President Charles Taylor from 1997 to 2003. Former Speaker Morkonmana was succeeded by Hon. George Dweh of Grand Gedeh County based on the 2003 Accra Peace Accord that suspended the constitution of Liberia to form the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), which brought the Liberian civil war to an end forcing President Taylor to leave Liberia into exile (Nigeria).

In another paragraph made up of two sentences, Martin K.N Kollie again deduced that Dr. Chambers has been lying about obtaining post-graduate degrees in Law Enforcement from the Columbus University. Let me provide Mr. Kollie with little information on Dr. Chambers’ education in Liberia before extending to his international credentials. Dr. Chambers is a graduate of the William V.S Tubman College of Science and Technology now Tubman University, where he obtained a Degree in Mechanical Engineering with second class honor (Magna Cum Lade). Martin Kollie with clueless declared in his illogical piece that Columbus University is an unaccredited distance learning institution based in Louisianna and Mississipi, and in fact does not even offer a degree in law enforcement.

Mr. Martin K.N Kollie, Dr. Chambers graduated from Columbus State University, a public university based in Columbus, Georgia founded in the year 1958. Mr. Kollie, there is a college at the Columbus State University called College of Letters & Sciences. This college contains Ten (10) departments and one of its departments is called the Department of Criminal Justice & Sociology. The Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology offer a one-year professional certificate in Criminal Justice, an Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. The Georgia Law Enforcement Command College and the Columbus State Graduate School through the Criminal Justice Department offers advanced professional training and graduate degrees (MSc & Ph.D.) in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice. Please call +1-706-507-8700 for any information on the Department of Criminal Justice at the Columbus State University.

Again, Martin K.N Kollie insinuated that there is no formal commencement photo of Dr. Chambers standing in the midst of crowd like the University of Liberia holding a commencement ceremony on a football field. I wonder this intellectual toddler of a martin knows that the World’s greatest nation will never allow someone of such a distinct portfolio to impersonate with one of their cherished universities credentials. Dr. Chambers has lived and worked in the US as Dr. Bhofal Chambers before coming home to serve the people of Pleebo District. On your issue of photo, is it compulsory for Dr. Chambers to create a Facebook page and display photos that contain all of his credentials? Mr. Kollie, education in the west or advance countries is a normal culture unlike your graduation from a Teaching Assistant (BSc holder teaching BSc candidates) failed the University of Liberia that became a piece of breaking news after nine (9) years of studying 136 credits Economic degree program.

Additionally, Martin Kollie who claims to be revolutionary termed the name Bhofal Chambers to be fake. Now Martin Kollie, as a follower of great revolutionary icons in history, didn’t you read about Malcom Nurse? The father of Pan-Africanism who later changed his name to George Padmore after he left Trinidad in 1924 to study medicine in the United States. Furthermore, Rolihlahla Madiba of South Africa became Nelson Mendela, Lev Davidovich Bronstein after being exiled to Siberia stole a passport from a jailer and used the name Leon Trotsky along with Vladimir Llych Ulyannov who also changed his name to Vladimir Lenin, Nguyen Sinh Con of Vietnam whose revolutionary gallantry defeated the joint French army at the battle of Dlien Bien Phu became Ho Chi Minh, and the list goes on and on.

Lastly, Dr. Bhofal Chambers is rightly doing what the people of Pleebo District desire of him, that is why he has been given an overwhelming mandate for 18 years. Speaker Chambers is not a saint and I don’t intend calling him a saint, but his unquestionable academic achievement must be told. Mr. Kollie, the internet is very large and contains a trillion of contents, and searching the internet to require information about someone must be very comprehensive because the internet has both garbage information and good information.

By:  Redeemer J. Wonsiah

       Liberian Citizen