After saying this and that about Liberian men, still you come make them serve you breakfast? 😜 Last Last everybody dey chop… 😋

Is like former blogger, now chef Roda has chop breakfast 😝. We been seeing her on live talking about relationship how a man is this and that, and we noticed she had a very good time with a gentle man back in the state, they took some pictures which ain’t on her page anymore 😩, is like things has scattered like a broken glass 🤪, she be posting these interesting quotes and has forgotten to update us with good pictures and some great recipes as we see some tasty 😋 dishes to chop, but since we can’t chop, is like she don chop first and leave us hungry 😋… but last last, everybody go chop breakfast 🤪😜… read few screenshots from her page and be the judge… celebrity world they crumble ooo…

Na so breakfast dey make people talk so, we don’t know who to link this to, but for sure we know say, na one guy she talking to and da Liberian man… 😂 😂 our brothers can never come last 😝 . Nobody stupid here 😤

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