Liberia is a beautiful Nation and our women are a complete representation of how blessed the Nation is. When you want to be blown away by the purity of our women’s beauty, Montserrado County would be considered as a treasure chest where you would find them glittering in abundance. All shades of gorgeous Liberian women, who aren’t just facially adorable but they are intellectual assets.  Montserrado County is the most populated County in the entire country. There are fifteen counties in Liberia and based on 2008 census, Montserrado has a population of 1,118,241 people. It is the smallest county and is Bensonville serves as the capital. With such number of people residing in the most urban county and the home to the Capitol city of the Nation Monrovia, Don’t you think that it would be so much glamour to see the wonderful exhibition of our culture, tradition, lifestyle and power as a Nation through Miss Monteserrado 2022?

Montserrado County is blessed with beautiful natural plains, fertile soils, and lush natural vegetation, islands, ample rivers and gorgeous beaches. The County is an economically vibrant county that harnesses the special advantages offered by its diverse urban, peri-urban and rural human and natural resources to ensure equal opportunities for economic and social development for all citizens.

Tourism is an essential pillar for a Sustainable Development for the county and Liberia in general. It serves as a first entry point to our heritage as a nation. This year is a remarkable year for us with the celebration of the Bicentennial, it is prudent to have aplatform, especially for women to embrace and promote all forms of tourism while promoting and connecting the oldest county in the country to the rest of the world.

This MISS MONTSERRADO PAGEANT will prove its substance and set new Parameters for young women to fully explore their potential.

Montserrado County was a strong contender at the just concluded Miss Liberia 2022. Miss Willmena Brown who represented the County is a source of inspiration to many young ladies and she would be channeling her experience and exposure as a stepping stone to higher heights for all contestants at the forthcoming Miss Montserrado Pageant. This is the Bicentennial edition and it would be a celebration of the oldest county in the republic; its cultural heritage and its women. 

The official kickoff would be on the 5th of November at the Monrovia city hall theatre. The event starts by 9pm while red carpet kicks off by 7pm. The gate fee is 20USD for regular and 50USD for VIP.

This Night unifies all that our wonderful county stands for and its being packaged by Pocket Media Agency INC. and supportedby MICAT.

You need not to miss this great pageant “Miss Montserrado”.