The struggle has been on for the longest in the Liberian community when it comes to dancing to their songs, but something strange is happening, these days Liberian music is mostly blended with other international tunes to burn the floor of parties and clubs with dances, but what we are seeing is way different. Liberians are more glue to their songs than ever, someone wants to ask why, and it is a good question to ask.

The newest song right now was done by MC Caro, after all, ears were on the quiet note without a new banger, though there were songs out before she the song “Baby” changed the narrative and give four other songs a reason to be heard, and now we have Eric Geso new song playing on TikTok as well, he’s making people to Shake Taytay and Butt with a smile on their faces, whoever knew such a song will be heard so soon, that was so creative and timing.

In our daily lives, we all want to be celebrated for the good things we do, or just living in the rough time, especially when all ends meet right at door as a breadwinner, and the year is ending where all eyes are on the head of the home but no need to worry, J Slught said we all should Celebrate, celebrate life and all it brings. So much sense and good music this year’s end, while Faith Vonic is reminding us that some people want to separate some relationship bad way but still those that are in the relationship is holding it tight.

This year is truly ending with the perfect songs that have lots of messages in them. I could just say, “I called you Baby, and you shake your Taytay and butt, as we celebrate while they are wishing for us to part Bad way.”

You can check up on these songs on TikTok

Reader Discretion

Some words here are spelled in our local way of speaking, the same as the paragraphs, please take note and understand this.