MLMA kept their promise by going on having a press conference today at MTN head office in Tubman Boulevard, Congo Town where the organizers of the award presented monetary prizes to three of the awardees at the MLMA the night of the award.

These three where, Bucky Raw who was given L$198,000 Liberian Dollars, winning artist of the year award.

Christoph and Mr. Parbai received L$153,00.00 for winning album of the year(Christioh The Change), and best song of of the year(Mr. Parbai).

For artists to benefit for awards in Liberia it has been one of the hardest and challenging thing ever in the music or entertainment sector in Liberia, now artists are able to benefit a $1, 000.00 United States Dollars and a well two other benefiting $750.00 United States Dollars. This is a good news to prove that no other awards in Liberia can beat MTNLMA in Liberia as they reach out with their first amount attach to awards of three persons.

The voice of the media is powerful and it is making progress as we all fight for more improvement in the industry.

Congratulations to all winners and their super fans