In a groundbreaking pursuit of literary passion, Liberian youth Julius Bantoe has officially secured approval to vie for the prestigious Guinness World Record for the longest reading hours aloud.

Bantoe, driven by his fervor for literature, is gearing up to surpass the current record held by a Nigerian, an impressive 145 hours of continuous reading. His ambitious goal? A staggering 168 hours, exclusively dedicated to reading Liberian books.

The Guinness World Record team has acknowledged Bantoe’s dedication and commitment, providing him with the opportunity to showcase his skills on a global stage. This marks a significant moment for Liberia as one of its own embarks on a mission to set a new benchmark for the longest reading hours aloud.

Stay tuned as Julius Bantoe takes on the challenge of a lifetime, aiming not only to break a record but also to inspire a new generation of readers. This literary feat promises to capture the attention of book enthusiasts worldwide.

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