After the long wait and time to get things right. Bintu refused to let go of what was done behind her back with her idea being used by a friend who she felt were good enough to help her bring an idea to out for the help of all.

Bintu wrote an open message on the Facebook wall of Christopher Onunuga, the boss of CT COM Liberia Limited, this draws his attention and he wrote a letter to Bintu in the open air.


Bintu Charmie Kromah

I am not one to run from issues and since I am. Libran, by birth, I stand by my words that it is Yours to host, when u officially CT COM LIBERIA LMITED, we will grant u as we have agreed in principle to habe ur institution or u just the event.

Our main reason for owning so many events is simply to bring sanity and non interference to the world of Tourism and entertainment from forces who do not understand the workings and would do anything to damage it for selfish reasons as experiences in Miss Liberia 2012, for which Mss Leda Knowlden won Gracefully.

Today it is with great Pleasure to inform u that such decision as taken for and onbelhalf of CT COM LIBERIA LIMITED stands through and will be upheld for the good of the industry

It is within and withese in mind, we intend to set standards thus

My office only informed me last week that they got evidence of such a ton by one Bridgett Ruahana,

Lawyers are informed and are acting,

LIPO – LIBERIA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE, have been informed and the have full knowledge of the franchise owner

Our part is to aid any company who we hand such franchise to understand what best to do and aid the process technically.

U must know, from all our findings, u have the capacity to make the 2st edition a banger and with those in mind.

We look forward to a wonderful working experience with ur onstitution.

This means the search for most beautiful girl in Liberia will be shut down.

More news coming as we stay focus waiting…