Interesting evening in Liberia on the very big blue app called Facebook. The ex-girlfriend of Kizzy W wrote a decent note asking the media and fans to support her ex-boyfriend because she finally decided to forgive him and has nothing against him.

This is how it went. Recently. Karishma posted about her being engage, it was just almost a week when that post-strake the internet, it was funny to few base on the reactions and comments under the post of her engagement 💍 .

After hosting one of most and first every show that was hosted for two Liberian female artists (CanC and Faith Vonic). Karishma got back on Facebook where the privacy of her relationship with Kizzy W was posted when it was all honeymoon and later turned to a battlefield after he domestic violated her rights by beating on her in and out of Liberia.

This case was one of the trending news in the country(Liberia), which got bloggers, talker show hosts and the list goes on to fall apart, artists falling from each other loyalty only because they never knew where to stand and who to talk for when this relationship went bashing in the faces of everyone with such scary videos and images.

One relationship ruin lot of great thing in a short possible time, bloggers, promoters and media houses were disrespected and blocked on social media, even insulated through Facebook Live and in the personal message inboxes.

Now that Karishma is asking for everyone to forgive Kizzy W and give him the audience he needs, how does she intend for this to happen, through her influence or for the individual that wronged the media and his fans to come and apologize.

Let’s see what she wrote:

So this means all arrest that was waiting for Kizzy W for domestic violence has been lifted or taken away by Karishma who once said she’s taking Kizzy to court.

Let’s wait for more pending news.