Yesterday, April 5, 2020, which happens to be a Sunday wherein 90% of Christians worship on that day as they gather to give thanks and praises to God for the many things he has done for them and to also pray for other things, paying of taxes and a lot more.

Liberia is among the country with cases of the COVID-19, for this reason, the government has shut down schools, put restrictions on banks, open markets and lot more as they recommend the washing of hands and also the closing of churches to help in the process of its citizens not being affected with the virus.

Many churches have seen this to be a challenge to God’s work, they see it as a lie that there’s no virus and the government is acting as anti-Christ by taking the direct message from the international community to stop people from serving God. Today in Montaerrado County a church violated the direct order by the ministry of health and the government in general. Many were caught and sent to prison for refusing to leave the church and fighting the police officers for closing their church.

In this video, you will see more.

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