Everyone wants to be famous and make the world know them through something professional. We might not all have the chance to be what we dreamed of being, but we could help others. Money and Salvation team is just one of Liberia’s most celebrated label record and entertainment hub for young and talented Liberian male artists.

Money and Salvation in 2018 made its first approach in Liberia where is integrated from the gold coast of Ghana hitting the Atlantic coast of Liberia, making it’s a way through the path of Monrovia as it became a name that everyone starts to wonder what they are made off.

This group was made up of two new trending artists and friends of the late Quincy B, Homeboy Jethro and Young Classic, both of them had the opportunity to link up with the CEO of MNS in Ghana where they went for music production studies.

Later the group became to grow as it too in Baka Ex, Sammie Caine with the two first artists that Koush Wills the CEO had on the team first, though they were all part of the branding from the start, others were just a bit slow in coming out to the public as an artist of MNS.

They have grown into a big name, becoming rich and famous, their songs are not just a type you hear played everywhere, they are classic and unique. Their CEO and Manager is not a decorative man or someone that goes with a boastful appearance, Koush Wills is a real down to earth man.

Following money and salvation will make you know, they have the best RnB artist, HipCo artist, Raggae and Dance Hall artist. They are all men and no lady is found in their midst for now.

Let hope for more to come out of the team, as their manager said, they are doing more than just waiting for awards in 2020, but they gonna change the music game and entertainment stage in Liberia where money will be attached to all artists name in his group, it will positively affects other entertainers in the country and out of the country. He said MNS is the change in the industry and they will start that change in this year, 2020.