She’s well known for the rumors that spread on her name by one of Liberia’s young and famous listed producer that came in the industry for a short time, Genius.
Rickslyn normally ignore things that are not pointing to her directly, but she still throw out small talk about the things that catches her attention.

You see happiness in her when she’s broadcasting

Working as a broadcaster at Prime FM, she been one of the most successful female broadcaster that try challenging the most outstanding female broadcaster in Liberia, Grace Hawa Weah. Rickslyn Myers is a big fan of Liberia art and culture as she takes to promote Liberia entertainment 100% involving her program on air with 100% Liberian music’s all time and interviewing of Liberian artists.

She loves shopping and at the best places in Liberia

She branded herself in a more professional way that even her mates wonder if she’s still that young lady they knew way back in the early 2000’s. A radio personality, artist, and now she’s about to get in a movie.

Posting a day ago on twitter, about how she want to take her adventure into the movie world. Her attitude of lately took all by surprise, she releases stunning pictures of her body on her Instagram page.

Showing off her perfect body shapes

Do you think Rickslyn can be a better actress then just an artist?

Maybe her movement into the movie world will will Liberian movies to be watch by many due to the amount of fans and influence she has on lot of people.

Her twit about becoming a actress – Movie life
Rickslyn on her first movie recording with Usher, along with Actresses and Actors

Imagine her smiles on the bigger screen.

Here’s a short sound of her new song coming for her fans after her first single “Broken” that was produced by JSlught.

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