The newest and trending thing touching the lifestyles of most entertainers is about being an ambassador. In the shortest possible time from September to November, we got more ambassadors, bars, and grills, restaurant, clubs and other business places in Liberia.

The Ambassador can be defined in this term base on the entertainment sector, since we are talking about entertainers that are ambassadors.

An ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. A person who actively promotes the goals of a cause.

Now you know what these ambassadors are there for. Their positions are going to help their brands work well and get a high range of their products to the public.

The rumors are spreading that few of these Ambassadors are not qualified for the position for the contracted position giving to them, but who suppose to say they are not qualified, it is the institution that gives them that title.

Ezy signing an ambassador deal with Shooters, Ma Ju and Burger

A few things you need to understand why these people got the position they got as ambassadors.

1. Their followers on social media are huge and whatsoever content they share, they get more viewers and reach. Interactions under their posts are counted in the numbers.
2. They are influencing in positive manners, their reach is high, as in publicity and they are highly talked about every part of the industry.
3. They have a brand
4. They do not fight back with fans on social media.

Philomena signing an ambassador deal with Cece Maintain closet.

The news and the gist.
The ambassadors of our time got more attention after two ambassadors came out of nowhere to become top brand ambassadors, namely are Karishma and Ezy Pain.

JSlught signing an ambassador deal with Anglers

Before that we had, TFloyd coming through as Brand Ambassador or Oporto, we had Michelle as brand Ambassador of Metro Ride, We have JSlught as Brand Ambassador of Anglers Bar and Grill, following Brand Ambassador Philomena as brand ambassador for Cece Maintain Closet, Revolution a brand ambassador for an online platform. Ezy Pain as brand ambassador of Shooters, at this last time of the week, end of the week before last, we have Karishma as brand Ambassador of AquaLife mineral Water.

We had other top ambassadors before this whole ambassador thing starts to run like a movie train in our society, their names are well accounted for in the industry.

Michelle signing her Ambassador deal with Metro Ride

Everyone’s eyes are open to see who’s going to be the next brand ambassador in the city, will it be a model, a blogger, a DJ, or some other personality that is just somewhere wishing their dream will come through to change their title on all documents and social media as Amb.

TFloyd signing his ambassador deal with Oporto

First, make your name sweet in the mouth of people, be an influence, be attractive and outspoken, be innovative and hard working.

Though from the ambassador announcement of few ambassadors, friends of some took to social media and made fun out of it, but still their name never changes to be ambassadors. It also shows many are not happy for others who became what they are now, while others are wishing it were them and they wish for a better company or entity to make them an ambassador.

Karishma signing an ambassador deal with Aqua Life Mineral water

Watch out for more updates on the ambassadors.