On January 15, 2019, Joshua Karnue, a 71-year-old man raped and murdered an 11-year-old girl beside a nearby creek in Scalepea, Nimba County. The Ministry of Justice had earlier intimated that the deceased would have got a well-balanced investigation after they instructed the “Heaven Give funeral home” to secure the body of the rape victim, pending investigation.

Considering her admittance at the funeral home; the justice Ministry was billed US$2,000.00, but eventually, its commitment was not made, which led to extension in charges at US$14,000.00 for keeping the dead body of this Inocent kid for more than four months. Until then, the Ministry of Justice is yet to pay a cent to continue the investigation!

What’s more proven and irritating is that the Ministry of Justice dubiously turned away from the weeping spirit, yet unjustified death of this kid until her body smells at the funeral and later abandoned. No, there’s something internally wrong with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the sexual and gender based violent unit of the temple of justice and the Liberian National Police..we’ve got more than thousands of rape cases in a year, and continue to misapply function over the deaths of Inocent Liberian children and women. I am sick and tired!

What else have we done as young people to continue being raped, abused and tear apart from this generation? where have we gone wronged? Have we all not voted for Change? Just a few months ago, we Marched For Justice, and appealed to national government to save us from this scourge of pain, yet the dawns are penetrated by unjustifiable threats and worse egregious violence perpetrated against women and girls!

ActNow or Face Major Strike!

Source: Titus Pakalah