Early this morning there have been rumors and speculation about a Liberian man that killed his girlfriend and it was speculated that he killed himself, some say he ran away and is still on the chase, but the Liberian Police are yet to be out the actual story to the public.

A letter was discovered and released to several blogs, in the letter you can see the murderer was made up his mind to take the life of this woman, he had regrets but he didn’t look back to do what he wanted to do, because he chose evil to be a means of happiness for him at this posting. He wrote:

That decision I took led me to what I am today. Fellow brothers and sisters, please be careful and do not make the same mistake I made in my life listen to your mother and father.

The woman that I abandoned my family for is the one that destroyed my life and future, she dash me at a point that I have lost everything in this world.
All I am asking for is for my mother father brothers sisters friends and fans to forgive me for what I have done.

I know what I am about to do is sinful but I can not live with it.
I love you Mama and Papa, and will always love you, if I would have listen to your advice than I am on another level but I can not stand it, I can not live with it.
Please take Care of my daughter Mary Barry