People grow in so many ways, from the womb of our mothers we grew to be what they loved and care about. Liberians are talented and want to make ends meet, some are completely submissive and want to grow just from few words uttered to them as to how they can change their life and be better.

Let’s dive into the journey of one of Liberia’s most trending photographers who’s well known as Jay Jan on social media, but by birth, his parents named him Joseph Weh, a name many don’t know even he doesn’t call out often.

Crack (a name his well-known buddies called him) is well known by almost all the Liberian top celebrities in the country and also has been nominated for several awards for his level of work done. Working as a helper photographer at TJ studio, he learned to master the craft of putting time into his only means of surviving, he didn’t change who he wanted to be, consistently he has been making ends meet till he stood on his own to have a studio opened, he managed to gather resources to establish this studio from his efforts, his time, his friends and family. Today he has shown a lot of young men around him that you can do anything through your ability than seeking a job in a country where there’s no company but the one you can create to employ yourself. His studio is packed 12/7 with family and love ones.

Those that stood behind him to see him this far are people he never stop appreciating and hold unto and his partners. His studio name is tagged on everyone’s life, from the slum to the biggest company in Liberia, 64 studio has been there to serve them all. A young man who has like four men employed under him, this has shown that Liberians can empower their fellow Liberians once there’s a chance to do so.

His story has taken another shift as his appearance. Some names won’t be mentioned in this article, but they have his back and they have stood strong to support Liberians that need to be uplifted in their craft. This young man changes the narrative by photographing a house of memories. He’s well known by his mates as Crack 64, and he’s now an icon among many young photographers that sees him as their mental or role model. This shows that Liberia has what it takes to fulfill your dreams, it’s just left with time, consistency, people who believe in you to support you and the kind of people you have to work with.